Risk Mgmt 1
Risk Management
"Risk comes from not knowing what your are doing."
-Warren Buffet

Success in the real estate development and construction industry, as with every industry, depends largely on successfully reducing risk to acceptable levels and managing the remaining risk.  Our clients require and expect architectural finishes that meet specifications, quality standards, and that are delivered to the job site on time.  BlueBoat's success has been based on our ability to manage the risks that impact those expectations - and that ability is squarely based on our knowledge.

We KNOW the process from beginning to end - Our design team helps identify issues in design before production, our in-country team oversees production, while our risk management and logistics team ensures the product arrives on time and to specification.


We KNOW architectural products, the building industry, and standards – We bring that knowledge to the table with our manufacturers and our clients.

We KNOW the manufacturers - We have met, visited, vetted, toured, and tested the manufacturers that will supply our client's products.


We KNOW logistics, shipping, and customs clearance - We have partnered with one of the largest shipping companies in the world, to ensure we have control of our products from the manufacturer to the job site.


We KNOW risk management depends on communication! - We provide communication and documentation throughout the entire process with the details our clients need to make good, well-informed decisions.

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