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Strategic Sourcing

“Today knowledge has power. It controls access to opportunity and advancement”

-Peter Drucker

Every industry is facing the same cost and profitability pressures – the real estate development and construction industry is not alone.  Companies within each industry are striving to identify product sources to lower their costs and protect or improve their profitability.

BlueBoat partners with developers and general contractors to plan the procurement of multiple projects at the same time, with the goal of capturing the best economics of a well planned strategy.   In doing so, BlueBoat identifies manufacturers domestically and in countries outside of the US.   Low-Cost Country Sourcing (LCCS) has been the answer for many industries and is increasingly the answer in the development of real estate.  Studies show that strategically sourced materials from LCCS can reduce costs by 25% to 30% when compared to sourcing domestically.

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