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BlueBoat International - Creating Value

We can describe what we do at BlueBoat International in three simple words - We Create Value.


How we create value is the key.  We help our clients through Strategic Sourcing and Direct Purchasing of products and materials, customizing designs,  and facilitating expansion of their reach.  Most importantly, we Manage the Risk and Communicate clearly along the way. 

We provide our services to the real estate development and construction industry, helping developers and general contractors achieve their economic goals on projects across the US.

Strategic Sourcing - We partner with developers and general contractors to plan their procurement needs, identify appropriate manufacturers to meet those needs and procure the finished goods.  


Product Focus - any products that are needed in future development projects.

Timing Focus - long-term planning.

Goal - strategically planned economic savings.

Direct Purchasing - We contract with developers and general contractors to meet the procurement needs of a specific development project.

Product Focus - a selection of architectural finishes, including stone, cabinets, architectural glass, flooring, wall cladding, and decking.

Timing Focus - short-term, project specific.

Goal - products at a low cost, balanced with quality, delivered to the project, on time.